Saturday, 16 November 2013

Why I Love Home / Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya

jeng jeng jeng.

so, here is the first part of our very first project. enjoy!
and don't forget to contribute for the second part (zine project) with the same theme --- Why I Love Home / Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya

please read below:-

dengan bangga dan sukacitanya kami ingin memaklumkan tentang projek pertama kami dengan tema "Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya".
projek ini terbahagi kepada dua bahagian. bahagian pertama ialah projek video manakala bahagian kedua ialah projek zine dengan tema yang sama.
tarikh projek zine akan diberitahu kemudian.
we are proud and happy to announce the theme of our first project which is "Why I Love Home".
this project is divided into two parts. the first part is video project meanwhile the second part is zine project with the same theme.
the exact date for the zine project will be announced later.
spread the words.

Buku Jalanan Ireland (BJIe) is currently searching for generous donors. if you wish to donate your books, zines or any other suitable stuffs, please do not hesitate to contact us via the links provided. you also can interact directly to me (Run Aziluz) via whichever medium you wish to.

Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya (Why I Love Home) is the first project of Buku Jalanan Ireland. it is divided into two parts, which are video project and zine project. the submission date for the zine project is to be decided soon. again, do contact me/us if you want to contribute or have anything to ask regarding Buku Jalanan Ireland.

keep supporting us.

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